About Us

Fabulashes Eyelash Extensions is offering a world-class line of 100% authentic Fabulashes Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Main Line area. With an increasing demand amongst the modern women across the state, the American beauty outlet is offering a wide range of services to an overwhelming number of satisfied women across Pennsylvania and beyond. Since 2014, the salon has been serving the women of Rittenhouse with pride and joy and has recently opened a second location in Narberth.  We are now pleased to announce that we will be relocating our main location to the heart of the Main Line in Narberth.

Fabulashes has been beautifying the eyes of the stylish women out there who wish to achieve a full and natural look for their eyes that they have always dreamed of.  Eyes are the symbol of beauty and the salon is giving a total new meaning and look to this symbol. 

Our customers have shared some of the most phenomenal reviews and testimonials about our lash extension services in Philly, which is now you can also receive at our location on the Main Line. Terra and her staff are renowned experts who put the best extensions that suit the eyes and appearance of their clients. In addition, women from all the walks of life have used these services and the testimonials shared by them on the website of the eye salon are phenomenal. Furthermore, these eyelash extension specialists are certified, trained by the absolute best in the beauty industry.

Another great fact about Fabulashes is that we are known for giving clients exactly what they want. Most women are very conscious about getting their eyes groomed by a professional in any given salon but Fabulashes has changed all that for good. The salon has been catering to women like no other service in all of the Pennsylvania and women from East and West, especially from the tristate area visit the salon frequently and they have shared several inspiring stories about Terra and her team at the salon.

Eyelash extensions are not simply about looking more beautiful, but enhancing one’s confidence. Here at Fabulashes, we pride ourselves as professionals, to help you look your best and that is not something we take lightly. In our eyelash studio, we work to ensure the satisfaction of all our clientele. Whether you are looking for a natural enhancement, or dramatic look for a special occasion, Fabulashes Eyelash Extensions is here to create exactly what you envision, hand in hand with an immaculate aesthetic experience.

Women of all walks of life have trusted us to maintain and rejuvenate their youthful features through the art of eyelash extensions. We cater to every client’s personal beauty desire.